Viktor Hu – is in the spotlight today!

Introducing Viktor Hu a Junior here at Elite Preparatory Academy.

This 17 year old can be found flipping tiles like a pro at the Mahjong Club, taking a jog around town or curling up with his favorite book on Buddhism.

Viktor has a penchant for fine art and travel.

He recently returned from a trip to Europe that included Spain and Italy with his family. Other destinations he loved include Paris and Switzerland which both left him speechless in their beauty.

Victor recently made a generous donation to a charity in China helping impoverished children and their families.

He plans on applying to Hong Kong University and New York University as an economics and finance double major.

His dreams include becoming a successful business tycoon and philanthropist.

Many of his teachers agree that Victor is without exception the fastest student in most of his classes, this is one quick-witted young man.

Congratulations Victor on being our Student Spotlight today!