Esther Tse



  • Ways to spend my free time: Reading, watching Youtube
  • Things to Read: The Great Gatsby, The Red Badge of Courage
  • Things to Eat: Hamburgers, pasta
  • Things about Jersey: Quiet, safe, great food

Academic Interests

  • Math
  • Computer science
  • History
  • Music

Weekend Activities

  • Hiking
  • Playing chess
  • Reading
  • Playing computer games with friends

I love learning about my surroundings. In my leisure time, I enjoy watching Youtube videos to improve my American accent and reading great American books such as The Great Gatsby and The Red Badge of Courage.

I enjoy eating American food too. My favorites are bacon cheeseburger and pasta.

I have been living in New Jersey for almost three years. It is a great atmosphere for studying because it is so quiet and safe. The neighborhood I live in is safe and quiet, but near the Edison, which is a bustling town with a lot of amazing food. Namely, Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot and other Korean food. When I get homesick, I go there to treat myself. When I eat food from my hometown food, I feel like I just recover. The location of our dormitory is great. If I want to go to Edison, I just hop on an Uber and it takes about twenty minutes which is so convenient.

I am interested in biology and art. I plan to study and major in them in college.

On the weekends, our school manager arranges for us to go hiking or camping. It is fun and funny – whenever we go hiking, it brings everyone closer together.

My school manager tells us that every time we go hiking, we students are becoming more cheerful and joyful. In addition, my body has become stronger after going hiking. I never used to like sports because I did not like to sweat or feel sick after strenuous exercise. However, hiking is changing my point of view. We always go hiking when the weather is right, so it does not make me sweat. Also, I spend so much time talking with my classmates and having a good time I forget that we are exercising.

I am a pretty shy girl. However, after being here for three years, I am not afraid of speaking English. I have become more cheerful, active, and confident. It helps because the school environment is so healthy. Everyone – teachers and students – are so nice to me and patient and listen to what I have to say.

In ten years, I hope to be a doctor. I hope I can travel a lot.