Derek Yifeng Chen


  • – Ways to spend my free time: Work out, play games, listen to music
  • -Things to Read: Sci-Fi, short stories
  • -Things to eat: steak, hamburger and all Asian food
  • -Things about Jersey: weather, environment, people

Academic Interests:

I like Math – the way my Math teacher Mr.Eddie teaches us is totally different from the way my middle school teacher used to teach me in China. I am having fun while learning. That’s the most important part.

Weekend Activities:

Study, go to the gym, read books, hang out with friends

How has your time at Elite Preparatory Academy changed or shaped you as a person?

I became more outgoing and independent. Also, when I was in China, I hardly ever go to the gym and workout. Now it is like part of my daily life.

What do you hope to be doing in ten years?

I want to go to a good college, do well in classes and get a great job after I graduate.