International boarding students are encouraged to immerse themselves in their new environment through activities at home and in the community.

Students who board with us will find that time with their host families is a core pillar in their experience studying in the United States. Host families are eager to support students in their transition, as well as provide them a loving and comfortable place to grow and learn.

Technology at Home

Hosting parents will make Internet available during specified time slots and monitor to ensure that it is used properly and not abused. We understand that the Internet can be a valuable tool for education and for communication with family and friends who are overseas; however, we also understand that the Internet can be overused which can negatively impact a student’s learning. Therefore, the Internet is expected to be used in a responsible and educationally friendly manner. The school ensures that hosting families arranged for these students are responsible and are capable of taking care of the students as their own children.


Additionally, students are expected to learn real life adult responsibilities while living with their hosting families. Students are expected to keep the house in a well-maintained fashion as they would keep their own residences back at home. Hosting parents will assign specific house duties to students to help them develop proper living habits and structure. By developing a sense of responsibility students are taught the ideals of being a good Samaritan within American society. Hosting families will also set a curfew in place to ensure that students maintain proper sleeping habits so that their focus will not falter.