Social Studies

At the secondary level, grades 9-12, students expand their understanding of history and the social sciences. Following the geographic and historic perspectives of the elementary and middle grades, the secondary social studies program builds upon the study of North Carolina at grades four and eight, the United States at grade five, and the cultural geographic study of the world in grades five, six, and seven. The secondary level moves to a formal study of world and United States history; links civics and economics in a course intended to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enter effectively into adult citizenship; and suggests a variety of social studies electives.

While we cannot predict what specific knowledge and behavior will be in demand as we venture in the twenty-first century, through social studies we can concentrate on educating citizens who will be scholarly, exercise leadership, and support democratic ideals. We can prepare our students for a post secondary world, be it continued schooling or the workforce.


Course Prerequisite Length Credits
U.S. History None Four semesters 2.0
World History None Two semesters 1.0
U.S. Government and Politics None Two semesters 1.0