Online Program

Even with a large campus in Somerset, New Jersey, the Elite Prep also offer a complete online curriculum for students, especially those who live outside of the U.S., an opportunity to be a student of Elite Prep. Students who successfully complete these courses, and the requirement at his/her local high school will receive the equivalent grades, credits and an Elite Prep high school diploma.

Students enrolled in the online program are required to take two years of American history, one year of World history, one year of American government, four years of English – Critical reading, and Essay writing, two years of Health, one year of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, one year of Microsoft Excel, one year of Java, one year of C++ and one year of data base.

Students taking the online program, must submit application for admission, pay application fee and be formally accepted by Elite Prep.

Student may choose to physically attend school at Elite Prep in Somerset, New Jersey for five weeks per year anytime including summer. Student may also choose the starting date of his/her attendance. During the five weeks of study at Elite Prep’s Somerset campus, students may choose to stay in Elite Prep’s dormitory or arrange his/her own apartment.

If a student is not able to come to United States to participate in the onsite study, he or she may arrange with other students who are in the similar situation to have the courses taught in China. The cost of having Elite Prep’s teachers teach in China, except the teachers’ salary will be borne by the students who has such need.

Students may participate in this online program anytime from the 9th grade to 12th grade years. As long as the student complete the requirement at his/her local high school and the required online courses in here, he/she will receive the equivalent grades, credits and earn an Elite Prep high school diploma.

Students are not required to take honor or AP courses to graduate, but are strongly encouraged to do so as the grades for honor and AP courses care more weight when applying for colleges.

Path to Graduation