Prospective Lawyer wins Tickets to “The Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway, and more from this year’s Elite Preparatory Academy Valentine’s Day celebration.

Every year, the Single’s Club at Elite Preparatory Academy comes out of hibernation and gets to work on its most important holiday of the school year. After a day of laughter, friendly competition, and unexpected twists, the Valentines’ Day celebration topped off another long and productive week among EPA’s students. In the words of one astonished professor, “[The Single’s Club] really outdid themselves this time.”

Dozens of handmade hearts strung from the ceiling in many languages, yet echoing the same loving message. The girls busied themselves finding the most fragrant roses from various bouquets, while the boys pretended not to be nervous.

Students formed teams, whether with couples or with friends, but all vying for the Phantom tickets. Competition was fierce; the Selfie contest pitted teams against each other to shoot the most heartwarming, and had some students flipping – literally! – when contestant Larry Luo decided to stand himself upside-down for his submission.

Still, the contest kept at a brisk pace and threw a variety of tasks at its participants. One Price-is-Right-esque romp required teams to correctly guess the price for a number of romantically-themed showcases, such as a one-way ticket from JFK to Paris, or a His-&-Her weekend getaway in Vermont. One student’s girlfriend audibly gasped when her significant other overshot the price of a dozen roses… by $50.00.

Other edge-of-your-seat challenges included the Relay-Of-Love, proving to be a giant success – even if the floor was covered in candy and laughing teenagers before long.

The end of the evening brought with it the final results, as the votes were being tallied and the points applied across teams. However, one enterprising student revealed he had been playing a different game.

While most students had glanced at the invitations last week, Senior student Samuel Luo looked past the obvious and delved into the fine print.

“I had an internship over the summer in China, and [my employers] taught me how to read contracts with an eye for the unusual.” Mr. Luo revealed.

It turns out the Single’s Club had one last trick up its sleeve this year – they had hidden a secret collection of paper hearts in various places in the school. These hearts, if found, each granted the receiver a favorable advantage in points for the competition – but they were hard to come by, and only cryptic clues were given for each heart’s location.

In a show-stopping turn of events, Mr. Luo cracked the case, handed in all 14 secret hearts, and took home the crown with a stunning upset victory.

Congratulations Samuel Luo, Elite Preparatory Academy’s “King of Hearts” for 2020!

Special thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Valentines’ Day celebration. While Mr. Luo may be the champion this time around, anything could happen in 2021…