Skype Conference with NRA Advocate Antonia Okafor

Elite Prep history teacher, has arranged a very special Skype conference for our students with Antonia Okafor, a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and who is best known as a Campus Carry Activist, Second Amendment Supporter and Conservative millennial journalist from Dallas, Texas.

During the past few weeks, students in have been learning about Special Interest Groups, none more successful than the NRA. The teacher explains that he is constantly telling his students that, “[R]egardless of where they may stand on firearms issues, the NRA’s outreach efforts constitute some of the most effective in recent history.”

Students recently viewed in class a panel in which Okafor took part at a recent CPAC conference. Students were impressed by her ability to take much of the rhetoric frequently utilized by anti-gun advocates to promote her cause. Okafor’s command of language, directness, and diction were astounding and exhibited the traits the teacher focuses on in teaching students presentation and public speaking skills.

The Skype conference will take place on April 4th at 1:45 PM. In anticipation of the conference, students have prepared some questions for Ms. Okafor in advance, including: (1) how Ms. Okafor got involved with the National Rifle Association (2) how she feels about its effectiveness as a special interest group (3) why she feels that the Second Amendment is so important to you, and especially to women, and (4) how she the future of this powerful special interest group?

Ms. Okafor intends to prepare a short statement for the students about an issue that she finds crucial today. Many of our students are Chinese and are fascinated at the workings of the American political system.