Elite Students Take the Google Code Jam Challenge

Students put their computer science skills to the test with Google Code Jam 2017

Google’s Code Jam returns for the 14th year and the Elite Prep students are in it! As one of the most challenging programming competitions in the world, the contest consists of multiple rounds of algorithmic puzzles, culminating in the World Finals at Google’s office in Dublin, Ireland. Led by their teacher, expert coder and web developer Mr. Ray Hwang, our students will participate in the Online Qualification Round on April 7th;

Good luck to all our promising young coders! What a great experience!


About Google Code Jam

Code Jam calls on programmers around the world to put their skills to the test by solving multiple rounds of algorithmic puzzles. The online rounds conclude in the World Finals, which rotates globally. In addition to being challenging and fun, Code Jam problems can help programmers develop their coding and programming skills.

Code Jam contestants program in a variety of languages—everything from C++ to JavaScript to INTERCAL, LOLCODE, and Whitespace. There was even one contestant who solved the 2015 Qualification Round’s somewhat difficult Dijkstra problem using only a spreadsheet!

Contestants from over 130 countries registered for the 2016 Google Code Jam contest. The 26 GCJ finalists represented 13 different countries.

No contestant has ever achieved a perfect score in an onsite Google Code Jam (GCJ) or Distributed Code Jam (DCJ) Finals round. However, from 2011 to 2016, the winning GCJ scores have been nondecreasing, so it may be a matter of time! And let’s not overlook ACRush’s blowout win with 168 points in 2009, which was the largest score until Gennady.Korotkevich surpassed it in 2016 with 170. (Although these scores are all out of a maximum of 200, the comparison is of course just for fun.)


Update April 11th

Congratulations to Richard Chen, Claire Gui, Alex Wang and Duncan Deng for making it past the qualifying round. They will now compete in Round 1A on April 14th.