F-1 Student Visa

Elite Preparatory Academy has been approved by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) of the Department of Homeland Security to issue I-20 for foreign students to attend our school with an F-1 visa.

Preparing for Visa interview

Step 1 – Applications & Fees

Click here to pay I-901 fee
Click here to apply for your visa – Form DS-160

Step 2 – Bring the following to Visa interview

  • Passport
  • I-20 and admission letter
  • Bank statement and other financial documents
  • Please click here for tips on how to get the F-1 student visa
  • Bring as many documents as you can to convince the consul that you can afford to study in the U.S. and that you plan to come back after your study in the U.S. Documents such as employment letters of your parents, your siblings, friends and relatives, houses and/or businesses your family own, photo of you and your family, friends, relatives, etc. All of these document will help to prove that you have a very strong tie to China and that you will have no reason of not coming back.
  • And be prepared to make your case when you have the opportunity to speak. Don’t just respond to the Consul’s questions with yes and no answer. Tell the Consul why studying in U.S. is so important to you and why you choose Elite Preparatory Academy.
  • Remember getting a visa is not a matter of right, you have to act with sincerity and present your case in good faith.

Step 3 – Wire the Deposit after F-1 visa is granted

Wire the first year tuition and boarding fee of $35,000 to the school account within 2 weeks after your visa is granted or your I-20 may be terminated. You may not be able to clear the U.S. Custom and enter the U.S. if your I-20 is terminated.