ESL Program

Full English Immersion is the best way to achieve success in mastering the language. Our strategic approach helps students prepare for studying and working in English.

Elite Preparatory Academy’s English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education programs serve students who speak languages other than English. The programs are designed to help students become proficient enough in English to participate in English-language activities.

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) is an important focus for our international student body. We recognize that a mastery of the English language must be developed in order for international students to achieve an understanding of content appropriate material within all subjects.

Strategic Approach

Our strategy within this program is to have students develop a rich vocabulary that can then be used to render basic reading comprehension, writing, and grammatical skills. Once the basic skills have been attained students are then challenged in higher level ESL courses that mold advanced reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

Language Immersion

Our program emphasizes consistent usage of the English language in speech throughout the school day in both formal and informal school settings. Students are taught to refrain from using their native language too often so that a reliance on the English language can be achieved at a faster pace. Our strategy has yielded much success as the majority of our students acquire strong English language skills in just several months after arriving here at Elite Preparatory Academy.

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