Grading & Graduation Requirements

Our goal is to ensure you graduate with the confidence to take on the next step in your educational journey.

Academic Grading

Students’ grades are a reflection of their efforts in the areas of classroom participation, homework completion and test performance, quizzes, exams and projects. The grade represents the knowledge you acquired for the subject matter. Students should always maintain high standards and challenge themselves to acquire new skills and competencies. Students are responsible for maintaining honesty and integrity in their work. Cheating, lying, stealing, plagiarizing, or engaging in any inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.

The following symbols are used to represent grades:

A+ = 98 – 100 A = 93 – 97 A- = 89 – 92
B+ = 87 – 88 B = 83 – 86 B- = 80 – 82
C+ = 77 – 79 C = 73 – 76 C- = 70 – 72
D+ = 67 – 69 D = 65 -66 F = 0 – 64

Principal’s List & Honor Roll

The principal’s list and honor roll serve as a mark of excellence to recognize students who excel academically. The principal’s list and honor roll are prepared at the end of each marking period. They are based on letter grades and include all subjects. To qualify for the Principal’s List a student must have all A’s and not more than one B. To qualify for honor roll a student shall have all A’s or B’s and not more than one C.


Homework is an essential part to receiving a successful education at Elite Prep. It is our policy to assign homework a minimum of 4 times per week for each of the four core classes: English, Math, Social Studies & Science.

Doing homework will help students develop many valuable skills such as proper study habits, time management, responsibility, and perseverance. Teachers will assign homework that will foster individual learning and growth and that is appropriate for the subject area. Homework is part of all students’ regular evaluations. It the student’s responsibility to complete and turn in homework on time. If either the student or his/her parents have questions about homework, immediately contact the teacher who assigned it.

Minimum Requirements for Graduation

Middle School, Grades 7-8
Students must have passing grades in all of the following four core subjects: English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.
High School (Grades 9-12)
To be promoted to the next grade level, a student must have completed a required number of credits during the school year.
9th Grade 30 credits
10th Grade 60 credits
11th Grade 90 credits
12th Grade 120 credits
International Students
International students must score a minimum of 60 on TOEFL IBT and 1200 on SAT to graduate.