Computer Science

Computer science has become foundational for all 21st century students, who don’t go a waking minute without technology. Technology is not just about playing computer games and instant messaging, students can learn to create their own games, write their own programs, making their own technology. Learning how to utilize and program a computer opens a world of opportunity and creativity and career potential.

While some might ask, must every child learn to code? What if my child doesn’t want to become an engineer? Computer science is about more than learning to code or getting a job. It’s foundational, no different than math or physics. In every school, students learn about photosynthesis or electricity, even if they don’t choose careers as botanists or electricians. For today’s students, it’s equally foundational to learn what an algorithm is or how the Internet works.

For those who are interested in the potential computer programming has in the job market, some of the biggest success stories in Washington history — from Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos — began with a child given the opportunity to learn how to create technology. Unlike the majority of students in K-12 schools statewide who cannot take a single course in computer science, our school recognizes technological literacy as a fundamental part of its curriculum.