Professional Flight

More than a high school, Elite Prep offers a high school diploma in professional flight that provides you with a larger perspective of the aviation industry. Your classes range from how an airplane is built to decision-making in the airline industry. You will learn by flying in our state-of-art fleet and matching simulators, and from aviation professionals with significant industry experience.

Elite Prep Aviation Program encourages you to obtain the highest level of medical and student certificates possible during your time at Elite Prep.

Special Features

  • Earn private and commercial pilot certificates and an instrument rating
  • Work toward certification to become a flight instructor and help teach younger students to fly
  • Complete and extend your flight training in state of the art airplanes
  • Go on to top 50 U.S. college and continue your aviation career or other majors

What can I do?

Flight instructor
Executive pilot
Airline captain
Professional pilot

Where can I go?

United Airlines
American Airlines

Fees for Aviation Program

Tuition and Fee Rates (semester) for 2018-2019

Fee Cost
General Service $4,603.90
Technology Fee $94.10
Repair & Rehabilitation Fee $161.00
Student Fitness & Wellness Fee $117.00
Student Activity Fee $20.00
Polytechnic Differential Fee $286.00
 Non Resident Tuition $9,401.00
International Student Tuition $1,000.00
Total International Nonresident $15,683.00

Supervised Flight Operations Lab and Ground Instrument Trainer Fees

Course Number – Title Aircraft Cost
Flight Course Fees
AT 14500 – Private Pilot Flight Cirrus $10,200.00
AT 24302 – Commercial Flight I Cirrus $8,250.00
AT 24802 – Commercial Flight II Cirrus $8,225.00
AT 25302 – Instrument Flight Cirrus/Arrow $8,775.00
AT 35300 – Multi-Engine Flight Seminole $3,075.00
AT 39600 – Turbine Aircraft Flight Lab Phenom $7,310.00
Simulator Course Fees
AT 21000 – Ground Trainer I Cirrus $2,380.00
AT 21100 – Ground Trainer II Cirrus $2,380.00
AT 39500 – Turbine Aircraft Simulation Lab Phenom $1,765.00
AT 48700 – Transport Aircraft Simulation Lab CRJ $2,575.00

Aircraft and Ground Instrument Trainer Equipment

16       Cirrus SR-20 Aircraft

4          PA-28R 201 Piper Arrow Aircraft

2          PA-44-180 Piper Seminole Aircraft

1          Super Decathlon

1          Phenom 100

3          Cirrus Flight Training Devices

1          Phenom 100 Flight Training Device

1          CRJ-700 Flight Training Device

Curriculum Sequence and Associated Costs

Term Course Title Course Title Cost
1 AT 14500 Private Pilot Flight* $10,200
2 AT 24302 Commercial Flight I $8,250
3 AT 24802 Commercial Flight II AT 21000 Ground Trainer I $8,225 + $2,380
4 AT 25302 Instrument Flight AT 21100 Ground Trainer II $8,775 + $2,380
5 AT 35300 Multi-Engine Flight $3,075
6 AT 39500 Turbine Aircraft Simulator Lab $1,765
7 AT 39600 Turbine Aircraft Flight Lab $7,310
8 AT 48700 Transport Aircraft Simulator Lab $2,575

* Students with a Private Pilot’s Certificate will begin their sequence in AT 24302