Chinese Immersion

Build a foundation in Chinese language skills and you will gain a competitive advantage over your peers in your future goals.

Middle School

In middle school (grades 6-8), we offer Chinese as a language elective. This program provides a comprehensive introduction to the modern Chinese language. Students will learn and practice skills necessary to acquire a second language and will be encouraged to take risks and to communicate in the language studied. We work toward a total immersion classroom in which the language studied is modeled by teacher and media resources.

Pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary acquisition, and grammar are taught progressively. Students are required to participate in the Modern Language program through their Middle School years.

Students are grouped according to their previous experience in the language.

High School

All students are encouraged to participate in the after-school bilingual program, consisting of a two-hour session of Chinese elocution, reading, and writing. With a strong background in Chinese, the most frequently spoken language around the world, students expose themselves to a new world, a different approach to reality, and a different way of thinking and behaving. At the Elite Preparatory Academy, students not only learn to appreciate different cultures, but also acquire invaluable tools that stay with them for a lifetime.