Arts & Music

Lower School

Our reading, writing & language arts program is designed to develop engaged, independent readers and writers who can acquire and evaluate information and express ideas with clarity and eloquence. The program emphasizes the relationship between reading and writing and the developmental nature of each.

Middle School

Our English Language Arts Program is designed to further develop students’ abilities as readers, writers, speakers, and critical thinkers. Students must take and pass a year of English each year he/she attends Middle School. We also offer electives in fine arts.


  • Honors English 6
  • Honors English 7
  • Honors English 8
  • Public Speaking
  • Performing Arts
  • Music

High School

Language Arts Literacy in high school covers a balance of reading, writing and communication skills. Music and performing arts are also offered as electives to encourage the pursuit of culture among students.


  • Honors English 1
  • English 1
  • Honors English 2
  • English 2
  • Advanced Placement English 3: Language and Composition
  • Honors English 3
  • English 3
  • Advanced Placement English 4: Language and Composition
  • Honors English 4
  • English 4
  • Public Speaking
  • SAT English
  • Performing Arts
  • Music