Academic Approach

The daily classes for all grades will include English, Math, Science & Technologies, World & U.S. History, Chinese Language & Literature, Chinese History, Physical Education & Health, Music & Arts

With our strong focus on academic achievement and high standards of character, the Elite Preparatory Academy Upper School is dedicated to developing responsible global citizens and leaders. Students are challenged intellectually and strive for academic and personal excellence. However, we also emphasize the importance of leadership, teamwork, global awareness, acceptance, and – above all – personal integrity, character and honor. The Elite Preparatory Academy Honor Code therefore touches every aspect of school life, and our alumni often comment that it guides them beyond the Academy as well.

Knowledge & Character

Our teaching covers everything that you would find in any other fine public or private schools – English, math, science, social studies, arts and craft, music and activities plus many other things that you could not find elsewhere. Our goal is to enrich not only your child’s academic knowledge and talents but also to strengthen their ability to differentiate right from wrong.

Preparing for The Future

Our academic curriculum prepares students to perform at the highest level in college and to be leaders in their community. We believe that teaching is not limited to the classroom: students learn through individual research, participation in group discussions, and one-on-one faculty conferences that encourage independent thinking and innovative problem solving. This level of individual attention would not be possible if not for the strength of our faculty – both in terms of their expertise in their disciplines and their accessibility to their students. By graduation, students of the Elite Preparatory Academy are fully prepared to succeed in college and to face the world with confidence in their abilities as thinkers and as leaders.

The wealth of opportunities for self-exploration and intellectual growth helps foster a lifelong commitment to learning, personal growth, and service. As a result, our students develop the initiative and independence essential for reaching their potential at the Academy and beyond.