Our Partners

Shanghai Office

Contact person – Ms. Yan, SiCheng, Admission Officer, Tel: 1-731-787-9902 (China) 347-337-7686 (U.S.)

Contact person – Ms. Yan, Jian Ju, Admission Officer, Tel: 1-350-971-9458 (China)

Sister Schools

Beijing Ritan High School

Beijing Ritan High School, founded in 1963, is a model senior school of Beijing, constructed in an all-round direction of modernization and internationalization. Guided by the objectives of training overall quality of students, Ritan High School provides students with broad learning experiences enhancing students’ intelligence, and develops students’ leadership while cultivating their mental health.

The sister school relationship with Elite Preparatory Academy was developed in 2011.

Ninth Secondary School of ZhengZhou

Founded in 1953, the Ninth Secondary School of ZhengZhou covers an area of 25+ acres, with a building area of 50,000 square meters. The school is a model senior school of ZhengZhou ad for many years has been rated as an advanced school of Zhengzhou City.

Quanzhou Julong Foreign Language School

Yangdong Guangya International School

Fujian Wanfu International Education

Beijing Kingston International Education