Parents Reflection

We highly value our partnership with parents in investing the growth of their child. Read excerpts from one parent’s perspective.

“The Growth and Development of My Son in Elite Preparatory Academy”

My son is six years old… In the past five months I have thought often of his schooling and his education. I wish to share my thoughts with other parents of school-age children.

After my son’s first day of school, I couldn’t wait to question him on whether he was happy with the school. Cheerfully he answered, yes. Why? The teacher does not hand down timeouts. I observed that, when children became naughty, the teacher corrected their misbehavior by explaining to them the reason for good behavior; it was not a simple punishment of sending the children to the corner of the room and asking them or her to reflect on their own. This kind of treatment is important to the psychological health of the children.

Everyday I have the opportunity to meet each of my son’s teachers… At the school, the principal, the dean, and every teacher are friendly. Because the number of students in the school is not large, the school retains the atmosphere of a big family. My son has always said that he likes his home, and he likes his school. I do not have to worry about him when I am at work; I do not have to be anxious that he would be neglected or bullied.

A few months after the enrollment, I became impressed by the quality of his education. My son knew the alphabets before enrollment but not a single word. In mathematics he could count from 1 to 100, in the ascending order only. But by November, at the end of the first marking period, he could read 50 to 60 common words and phrases. He has made great strides in mathematics. Now he can do addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers involving advance and borrowing.

Besides study, my son also participates in extracurricular programs… piano lessons and acting. Classes and practices take place in the afternoon or weekends. My son has never played piano before. But after about ten lessons, he can read simple scores, know the basic left-hand and right-hand finger movements, play simple harmonies and 1/8 notes.

Lastly I must mention my son’s Chinese studies. Each afternoon he spends two hours studying Chinese. After my son’s first lesson in Chinese, he greeted us the next morning, in Chinese, “Good morning, father; good morning, mother.” It was heart warming.

As my son’s Chinese improves, the school will teach him the Chinese cultural traditions concerning being considerate to parents, love of siblings, loyalty, trustworthiness, law-abiding, righteousness, honesty, and shame. Since we were from China, it is natural that we wish our children to be guided by these cultural traditions. Only so can they be respected.

I am thankful that the School has provided a wonderful environment conducive to learning. The students respect one another… Every parent in the world hopes that his/her child receives good cultural and moral education.

It takes a hundred years to develop a person. To nurse a child to become a useful and functional person in the family and in the society is a task that takes a hundred years. A good school will benefit the student for a lifetime.”