Mission & Values

You may be able to change the color of your hair, but you can’t change who you are and where you are from nor can you change your ancestry and where they were from. If you can not be proud of where you are from you will never be proud of yourself.

There are many things you can be proud of as being a Chinese – the history, the culture, the language, the people and the philosophy of the last thousands of years and the progress, the struggles and the endurance of the last hundreds of years. You don’t have to be a Chinese national to be proud of being a Chinese or related to a Chinese.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to fill you in with the knowledge that you can be proud of and give you the confidence and to provide you an environment where you can meet many others who share the same root where you and your parents are from.

We hope that by the time when you graduate from this school, you will not only linguistically capable of Chinese and English languages, understand the history and culture of Chinese and Western civilization, but also academically excellent in math, science, engineering and technologies of the modern world.

and that you will go to a top college and be successful in life with confidence of where you are from

Shaping the Future

And we expect you to carry the torch.

We expect you to teach your children and someday they will teach their children and pass down the knowledge of where they are from and be proud of it.

And we expect your help and contribution and your understanding that your participation in this cause is not just for yourself but for generations to come.