Mission & Values

Developing mindful learners through modern education integrated with traditional values and Confucian discipline.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to transform young adults into mindful learners who will utilize rich educational knowledge towards the fulfillment of life’s ambitions. In addition to academics, considerable attention will be given towards the attainment and preservation of good physical health, social development, and emotional stability. Most importantly, student learners will acquire a respect for the diverse world around them, an understanding of consequences for wrong choices, a responsibility toward civic participation, and a development of good character morale.

Shaping the Future

Our purpose is to fully prepare students to carry the torch of knowledge, freedom, and prosperity that has been passed down from generation to generation. We deliver a rigorous educational program to help students develop and sharpen the skills necessary to formulate questions and define issues. They will learn to find relevant information using appropriate tools and evaluate it through critical thinking and quantitative analysis, on the basis of which they will solve problems and make decisions. They will be able to organize and present their work both orally and in written or graphic form.

In recognition of the enormous stresses of modern life, Elite Preparatory Academy aims to help support families in contributing to the success of their children’s education. This, in turn, can improve the quality of family life. The school will stress an atmosphere of trust, safety, structure, open communication, and ownership through the use of community service learning, class meetings, assemblies, workshops, community open houses, student performances, and student/teacher/parent goal-setting and assessments.